SEO Submission Software: How to Use Youtube for SEO

Millions of people are using Youtube to find information about different products and services. Most Internet users would rather watch a video than reading a news story or article. Webmasters and bloggers can use this social platform to get higher rankings in search engines and reach a wider audience. When you use Youtube, it is easy to embed your videos into your blog or website. They can also be manually posted to your Facebook wall.Top 11 YouTube Channel Ideas [Based on most Subscribers & Views] - Animaker

A compelling video can drive traffic to your site and support your SEO efforts. It can also generate high quality links If you want faster results, you can also use SEO submission software.

Youtube receives over three billion searches every month. Many of the people who use this site could be your potential customers. With Youtube now being the second largest search engine on the internet, it makes sense to optimize your videos so that you get more exposure for your business. Another advantage of using this social media site is that your videos will appear in organic search results. By using video marketing for SEO, it will be easier to get a higher page ranking.

Sign up for a Youtube account and make a video about your website content, products, or services. Create a video that is informative, entertaining, and interesting. Write a compelling title that contains your main keywords. Include a link to your website in the description box. Do some brainstorming and try to come up with some fresh ideas that would be a good fit for a video series. One of the best things about this marketing strategy is that it requires minimum investment since you don’t have to buy a professional camera.

Make a list of five to 10 points that you would like to talk about. Create a brief description that includes relevant keywords. The video description will show up in search results, so it is important to use a lot of supporting words that describe what your video is about. Keep your videos short because the average Youtube user won’t stay on your page for more than five minutes.

Use annotations on your videos. Include a call to action in the annotation. Ask viewers to visit your site for more information. Upload quality videos on a regular basis in order to keep your audience engaged and generate steady traffic. Take a few minutes every day to leave useful comments on related videos. The potential of driving traffic with Youtube is incredible. What you need to start with is your keyword research. A keyword is a word or word phrase that someone types when they search for an answer or solution. The reason you should do keyword research is because you want to get the best traffic. Everything else is secondary. This is the number one thing you need to do to get traffic on Youtube. When you optimise your video by using highly relevant keywords – you get to the top search on Google.

If you are a personal trainer, for example, you want to be on the first page of Google when someone types “how to lose weight” or “how to lose weight on the alkaline diet”. If you teach people how to lose weight using the alkaline diet you can “own” this keyword by creating videos which answer the burning questions and resonate with the people who are looking for the solution.

You could be someone who sells edible gifts and the phrase “where to buy edible gifts” can be you keyword which will bring you tons of traffic. With Youtube you can choose as many keywords as you like and dominate your niche by creating relevant videos which provide solutions that people in that niche want. Youtube Cash on Steroids is a product made by Cory Friedman, a successful 27 year old internet entrepreneur. It is a series of videos teaching a person to take advantage of the popularity of the Youtube in attracting persons who are interested to buy something on the internet. I have been a fan of Youtube, having downloaded thousands of videos from this program. So when I saw the information about this product Youtube Cash on Steroids I was curious.

After taking a close look at this product I realize that it helps me in affiliate marketing. It consists of videos and a pdf script which guides a person on how to use the videos. What it does is it tells you how to select a product to market, make a research about this product so that you will be able to describe it on the video of Youtube, write the script using search optimized keywords, record it on video and publish it on Youtube.

But there is an added twist to this product. It is purposely designed so that you can outsource it. This program teaches you how to hire somebody who is looking for work on the internet and do the work for you. Of course if you do not want somebody else to do it for you but you want to do it yourself this can still be done. The purpose why Cory designed the use of this program for outsourcing is so you can be free to do other things more important and perhaps more profitable.

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